Haiti on her Knees
A Documentry by Dolores Murat

This is a fundraising effort. All the proceeds will go to support the Dolores En Couleur’s project in Haiti this summer

Depicting the torment of the Haitian people in the aftermath of the January 12 earthquake. Is it a comedy or a tragedy? You tell us.

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Dolores En Couleur and Haiti after the quake


Our International outreach theater program is a grassroots initiative, which uses theater to engage poor and disenfranchised communities in forums on pertinent issues affecting their health, safety, and overall development. We engage audiences both domestically and abroad in our mission to bring about self-empowerment through theatrical expression. We are going to Haiti. We are going to Haiti because Haiti’s Earthquake victim needs us.

  • To celebrate the culture of Haitian, Arts, Theatre, Music, preserve oral traditions, showcase arts and craft of local artisans
  • Encourage international and inter-state tourism.
  • Youth education
  • Promote cultural preservation
  • Promote health awareness, preventive medicine and safer sex

Our Theatre Outreach Program will serve as an entertaining, non- threatening medium with which to address these issues

Through our theatre outreach program, we will strive extensively to work with Haitians living at home to preserve and hold on to their culture. As we work toward our goal, we will curtail on issues devouring the youths. By expressing themselves through the arts, they are able to increase their self-esteems, personal outlook, think creatively about solutions, and communicate feelings and emotions in a variety of ways. Through our presentations, we will cover issues such as rape, abortion, teenage pregnancy, single parenthood, prostitution, sexual transmitted diseases, safer sex, self-pride/Haitian pride and preventive health care.

Through theatre, we may yet reach the consciousness of the Haitian people.