Seventeen years ago, Dolores En Couleur, a not-for-profit theatre company based in New York under the direction of Dolores Murat as artistic director, launched a cultural campaign in the province of Petit Goave in Haiti. Along with the Cultural campaign is the festival’s AIDS awareness day project which have been overly successful with a great thank you to Pharmacist Jean Marie Joseph who had donated most of the festival’s medical supplies and condoms the first year and the year after,

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Dolores en Couleur Cultural Arts Festival

The main focus of this festival is to celebrate the Haitian Culture and to showcase our arts craft and local talents within the country .Within this festival, Merchants display their traditional garments, foods, handmade arts and crafts, traditional games, paintings, jewelries, dance, theatre, folklorique songs interpreted by children such as “balance yaya, yaya o, yaya bel fanm”etc.

National Storytelling Conference

The Conference is to celebrate the Oral tradition of our culture. Within the conference, we have different types of workshop dealing with themes for the betterment and development of Haiti. We will deal with topics such as using storytelling as ARM for community empowerment, Using Krik-Krak as a teaching tool in the class room, women speak out for other women, children tales and taking storytelling on the road as a career or how to make money telling krik-krak. Moreover; we will have special performances by feature artistes, local competitions and a half scholarship to a local artist at the national school of arts.


Caribtales is a performance project created by Dolores En Couleur so that local artist can group on a weekly basis to experiment, create and share new artistic work before a lively audience. Caribtales is for poets, Folktale artists, Comedians, Writers, dramatis and singers who seek a new and kindlier audience.

Artist To Artists

Artist to Artist is a Yearly Week-long Intensive Theatre Workshops designed specially for the students of ECOLE NATIONAL DES ARTS (ENARTS). Within that week, we explore the history of theatre: Shakespeare, Moliere, Cocteau, Plato and Socrates, the art of directing, advance acting techniques and improvisational theatre.

Health Fair

The popularity of our annual health fair has grown tremendously since the year 2000. Our volunteer doctors and nurses have examined over a thousand patients including children and elderly. Some of these patients were found to be in serious health danger and thus were sent straight to the local hospital where they were admitted.Thanks to the help of Dr. Wesner Moise and pharmacist Jean Marie Joseph who have donated most of the medication to the health fair, our patients were able to go home with their prescription drugs filled free at no cost to them. Furthermore, our Safe Sex Campaign has gained more popularity then most of our programs. During the past four years, we have allocated and donated over fifty thousand of condoms to any who need and request them.